What to Wear On A Rafting Trip

What To Wear On A Rafting Trip
Definitely Wear A Life Vest

Many of our guests ask what to wear on a rafting trip. You will definitely be getting wet during your rafting trip. We recommend dressing like you would dress when hitting the beach or going to the pool. If you have sandals with straps such a Chacos or Tevas, those would be great to bring along. However, we do have river shoes you can borrow them from our office if needed.

Depending on the weather, especially in the spring and fall, we may suggest that you wear wetsuit and/or a splash jacket while on the river.  These items are available from our office.  Even on a warmer day, these are always available for anyone who gets cold easily.

Also, please don’t forget to bring a change of dry clothing and footwear for your trip home!  You will leave these items in your car at our boathouse during your trip.