The Numbers Half Day

Adventure Overview

The Numbers Half Day

The Numbers section is a fast paced, heart pounding trip that gets you soaked to the bone. With rapids from class III to IV, The Numbers is surely what is ordered for those who want plenty of excitement and adrenaline.  These rapids are so continuous that they are numbered rather than given real names. This section flows through a narrow and rocky section that requires technical maneuvering. This river is appropriate for active, athletic individuals who are looking for an adventurous trip. Participants are required to paddle hard when needed and listen to their guide at all times.

Numbers Half Day requires previous class III rafting experience. For first timers, it is highly recommend to pair this trip with a Browns Canyon Half Day to prepare for this high action packed trip.

Class IV rafting can involve 4-5 foot waves and drops and difficult passages containing obstacles that require quick, precise maneuvering.  Falling out of the raft could involve an extremely difficult and potentially hazardous “swim.”

Adventure Facts

Minimum Age / Weight
16 years or older
River Time
3 Hours
Per Person
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