Guided Inflatable Kayaking

Adventure Overview

Guided Inflatable Kayaking

The Guided Inflatable Kayak River Adventure or duckie, is an exciting way of going down the river! Safe, suitable for anyone in search of adventure. This is an opportunity to have more challenge and freedom than that of a traditional raft trip. With absolutely no previous river experience necessary.

Under the guidance of one of our guides, these steady open topped kayaks maneuver with ease, and make even the smallest wave seem much bigger and more exciting.  Enjoy a mix of relaxing calm water, exciting white water rapids, swimming holes, beautiful scenery.  All necessary gear is provided. Choose between a single or a double for your adventure.

The kayaks ride low in the water making Class II-III rapids seem larger than that of a raft.   Safe, fun, and suitable for anyone in search of adventure.  This is your opportunity to get more challenge and freedom when you ride the waves.

If you are looking for a river experience that allows you be the Captain/Guide and are tired of lumbering along in a large raft, then the Guided Inflatable Kayak River Adventures are the way to go !

Children as young as 7 ( river flows dependent ) can be in a double kayak.  13 and over for a single Kayak.

Guided Inflatable Kayak trips will have a minimum of one trained guide per every 6 guests.  Guests taking a guided Inflatable Kayak tour must be in good physical shape and be ready for a possible swim. Helmets are mandatory,  wetsuits and paddle jackets are available if needed.


Adventure Facts

Minimum Age / Weight
7 Years or Older
River Time
2.5 Hours
Glenwood Springs
Single Duckie (13+)
Double Duckie (7+)
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