Browns Canyon Half Day

Adventure Overview

Browns Canyon Half Day

Located on the Arkansas River in Browns Canyon National Monument, the Class III Browns Canyon whitewater rafting section is the most rafted river section in the country! Come explore the incredible scenery, excitement and FUN for the whole family. Skirted by the spectacular Collegiate peaks, the Arkansas River has carved its way through some of the most dramatic country in Colorado.

Though the rapids have overwhelming names like “Widowmaker” and “Zoom Floom,” they are not too intimidating themselves. Exciting enough to get your heart pumping, they are still reasonable enough for kids as young as eight years old (subject to change depending on water level) to enjoy. Most of the rapids consist of large waves or swift bends in the river, and all of them are followed by calm pools, which makes it easy to re-group and get prepared for the next thrill ride.

This section of Class III water has interspersed waves and rapids which are challenging but not overwhelming. ┬áSome drops exist with some obstacles. Unintentionally falling out of the raft may mean an uncomfortable “swim”.

Adventure Facts

Minimum Age / Weight
7 Years or Older
River Time
3 Hours
Adult (13+)
Youth (12 and under)